Friday, July 19, 2013

Disasterpiece Theatre VIII: Catman in Lethal Track.

We are nearing the last Thursday of the month, and it's awesome time again!

In a continuing series of seriously bad films shown on VHS, High Energy Vintage is proud to present Disasterpiece Theatre VIII: Catman in Lethal Track.

Catman has been described by Amazon purchasers as "Positively ingenious, bold pastiche of several of the worst movies ever made...". This film is guaranteed to induce aneurysm, stroke and fatigue, pregnant and nursing women and those with heart conditions are advised not to view this film.

This months Disasterpiece Theatre will be on Thursday the 25'th starting at 8:30 PM.  There will be refreshments (like pizza and beer) and a free VHS raffle.  Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to take and drop off VHS cassettes on the super secret VHS swap shelf which is hidden in the dressing room.

 Space is limited to 25 people (maybe 30 if we really try). Please do RSVP via Facebook or via email. In other important news Disasterpiece Theatre doesn't have a website yet (or even a blogspot that that passes for a website), but it does have a Facebook page, subscribe to it for info about Disasterpiece events, VHS collecting, and stuff.